Digital Textil is the perfect choice for all your swimwear and sportswear needs. Our fabrics are designed to perform optimally in the pool – they are comfortable, durable and chlorine resistant. They also offer Aloe Vera Microcapsules, UV 50+ Protection, Antibacterial and Super Black, ensuring greater well-being during use.

Plain Corsica

If you’re looking for a fabric with a more bodied touch without losing performance, Corsica is perfect for you! Developed especially for the fitwear segment, it offers excellent elasticity and comfort. With intense colors, high resistance and durability, you’ll love its perfect fit in pieces like tops, swimwear, swimsuits. Width: 1.40 M (± 8%), 78% SUPERMICROFIBER, 22% Elastane, Weight 240G/M² (± 8%), Yield ± 2.77 M/KG

Corsica 3D

Do you want to innovate in your pieces? Try Corsica 3D, available in four texture options: leopard, ribbed, rhombus and snake. Perfect for tops, swimwear, swimsuits. 

Width: 1.40 M (± 8%), 78% SUPERMICROFIBER, 22% Elastane, Weight 240G/M² (± 8%), Yield ± 2.77 M/KG

Corsica Printed

If you want to give your sportswear an extra touch, try Corsica Printed! It is the printed version of Corsega Liso, perfect for those who want a full-bodied touch without sacrificing performance. With excellent elasticity and comfort, intense colors, high resistance and durability, Corsica Printed is ideal for making tops, swimwear, swimsuits. Innovate with exclusive prints and make your clothes even more stylish. 

Width: 1.45 M (± 8%), 78% SUPERMICROFIBER, 22% Elastane, Weight 240 G/M² (± 8%), Yield ± 2.87 M/KG

Smooth Velocity

This is the plain version of Velocity Stamped! It can be used in a variety of comfortable pieces, including swimsuits, swim trunks, tops. If you are looking for comfort and style in your sports activities, this is the perfect choice for you! 

Width: 1.50 M (± 8%), 78% SUPERMICROFIBER, 22% Elastane, Weight 300 G/M² (± 8%), Yield ± 2.22 M/KG

Stamped Velocity

We offer you a printed base that is perfect for your high-performance sports activities! With an intermediate weight and compression, our fabric is designed to ensure maximum comfort while you reach your goals. And best of all: you can use it in a variety of pieces, such as swimsuits and swimwear, so you can choose the one that best suits your style. Together, we will achieve your goals comfortably and in style. 

Width: 1.50 M, 82% SUPERMICROFIBER, 18% Elastane, Weight 300 G/M² (+- 5%), Yield +- 2.22 M/KG


The FLOW base is ideal for making linings for swimwear. It has a soft and silky feel, providing comfort in contact with the skin, as well as quick drying thanks to our Supermicrofiber. 

Width: 1.55 M, 87% SUPERMICROFIBER, 13% Elastane, Weight 145 G/M² (+- 8%), Yield +- 4.44 M/KG


Have you innovated today? Digital yes! Myst is a line of minimalist prints that work as a texture on the fabric in the colors of your choice. Microscale prints, bringing sophistication to your collection! Discover all our prints and colors available in SENSE, CORSEGA AND VELOCITY fabrics.

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