Since the company’s foundation, in 1994, we always devoted a great deal of attention to environmental issues, and we invested in technologies and processes that cause the least impact to the environment..

The choice of digital printing, for instance, was based on its low environmental impact. In this process, we use water-based free of heavy metals, and the amount of water used is ten times less when compared to the traditional process.

Because we use much less water, we were able to invest more in new processes of effluent treatment and reuse 100% of the water Digitale Textil needs for the production of fabrics. Today, 95% of all waste generated by the company is disposed of for recycling.


Av. Henry Ford, 354 - Mooca
CEP 03109-000 - São Paulo-SP
+55 11 2064-9662
+55 11 94577-7604 - WhatsApp
Office hours: Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
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